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Bubba Grappling Dummy Review

Bubba Grappling DummyThe Bubba grappling dummy is one of the most versatile units available. It features a design of realistic human features and joint movements. It is built durably with a solid interior that holds up over time. It is constructed of wooden strapping with a skeleton for foam and tension padding.

The Bubba II is built as a one-piece unit, and it is wrapped in tape with a sweatshirt and sweat pants on its exterior. It is a very flexible dummy that can be used for grappling as well as striking moves. The dummy’s joints bend in numerous positions with its great balance of weight and flexibility.

The grappling dummy can be used for fighters that need practice with very different types of moves.

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consRealistic Body Design: The Bubba II features a patented design with anatomically correct joints and other features.

consVersatility: The unit can be used to practice a variety techniques whether striking or grappling.


prosPressure: Some users report having a more difficult time practicing submission techniques because the pressure of the Bubba II is difficult to adapt to. This can also make it harder to perform escapes and mounting moves.

prosKneeling: Fighters may have a harder time performing sweeps from a guard position. The dummy is difficult to position into a stance on its knees without keeping its legs tied together.

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The Bubba II is tough and durable along with having realistic joint movement. It can be placed in a sitting or standing position, and the arms and legs bend in one position and resist as force is placed upon them. Wrist, ankles and fingers are flexible to support a number of moves and positions.


The unit is much sturdier than its appearance may suggest. It is packed tightly with internal foam to provide a tough body to fight against. The Bubba can handle a variety of intense maneuvers due to this durable build, and it will still hold up over time. It also features durable stitching to add more strength when facing forceful blows or ground grappling.

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The Bubba II weighs around 65 pounds. It is of higher build quality and versatility similar to the Submission Master, but it weighs much less.


The Bubba II stretches out to 5 feet and 10 inches in height, so it should be able to accommodate most fighters.

Ability to Fit in a GiAbility to Fit in a Gi

The unit is 5 feet and 10 inches long, and it comes already clothed in a black sweatshirt and sweat pants. Adding additional clothing may make it bulky, but changing into a gi can add realism.


The Bubba II can be made to stand and sit on its own by retaining its position. Its limbs can be moved into a number of stances, including mimicking an opponent’s spider guard. One of the best features of the dummy is its incredible versatility in general. It can be used for submission grappling as well as a striking and throwing dummy. It works as a hybrid style for fighters that yearn to practice both techniques.


The Bubba II grappling dummy is a valuable tool for various fighting styles. It can take on nearly any kind of forceful striking, including punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing. The dummy has realistic stance with flexible joints, and it can be placed in various positions for the best training techniques.

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The body is made to be sturdy and durable to handle the various techniques it can endure.

The Bubba II is seen as a close second to the Submission Master in terms of quality and versatility.

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