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Combat Sports Dummy Review

Combat-Sports-Legged-Grappling-DummyThe Legged Grappling Dummy by Combat Sports is one of the few high-quality dummies that serves primarily as a throwing and striking dummy.

Various drills can be performed with the unit, and it can be used for striking in the corner as well as it can for sweeping moves.

It features stiff legs for realistic stances, and it can be used to practice takedowns, knee blows and elbowing.

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consStrong Build: The Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy features ultra-thick legs so that it can stand on its own without support.

consStraight Limbs: The unit’s legs stand straight so that a variety of striking moves can be performed on it.


prosLegs: While the legs are helpful for practicing striking moves, they are too stiff. The legs are too inflexible to be able to use for practicing submission techniques.

prosChoking Moves: The neck is made too thickly to perform rear naked chokes, triangles and other common maneuvers.

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One of the Legged Grappling Dummy’s main flaws is its lack of flexibility. It is not made for submission, so it does not bend as much as those types of dummies would. Fighters cannot perform rolling knee moves as it does not bend at the waist. It also fails to bend at the arms enough to practice more varied moves.

The legs are made to stand straight, and they are too stiff to perform passing or ankle locks. The neck is much too thick for choke moves.


As this is a dummy made for striking, its durability is one of its most important features. One of the advantages of a dummy made for withstanding repeated pounding is that it is not meant to bend much. This results in less strain and material tearing at the joints compared to submission dummies.

The Legged Grappling Dummy is covered in heavy-duty nylon. It features a thick and dense construction that is more like a punching bag in order to absorb more forceful blows.

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As it is made to resist striking, the Legged Grappling Dummy is one of the heavier top-quality dummies at 120 pounds. This weight provides a more realistic resistance for takedown moves.


The Legged Grappling Dummy is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, so it is an appropriate height for most fighters needing a throwing/striking unit.

Ability to Fit in a GiAbility to Fit in a Gi

The unit may be an appropriate height, but it is extremely heavy to attempt to dress it in a gi. It is also too stiff to move its limbs to do so.


The Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy is made to stand on its own, and this allows the fighter to stand away from the unit for a wide variety of sweeps, takedowns, throws and striking moves.

While it is not suitable for submission and grappling, its versatility for striking practice is superb. A number of techniques that are not adequate for submission dummies work well for this unit.


The benefit of this type of dummy is the multitude of forceful moves that can be performed without the concern of injuring a training partner.

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The dummy stands straight and stiff at 5 feet and 10 inches, and it weighs well over 100 pounds. This makes it suitable for a number of strikes, throws and takedowns.

Submission dummies work well for many fighters needing to perfect that kind of style, but a striking dummy is a better choice for those needing a heavy-duty standing dummy that can take repeated impacts.

We hope that given information in this Combat Sports Grappling Dummy review will help fighters in search of the perfect grappling dummy for their training.

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