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Submission Master Grappling Dummy Review


The Submission Master is one of the most realistic grappling dummies on the market. Its exceptional quality makes it the usual leader on lists of the best grappling dummies. It was crafted based on the details of how fighters train in order to provide a more realistic and beneficial training experience.

The limbs can be positioned so that the dummy can sit up for guarded practice, and it can be used from full mount and side control positions and many others that offer versatility. The limbs also return to their original position to avoid repositioning after each rep.

The Submission Master grappling dummy is not the lowest in price, but it is one for the most realistic and durable grappling dummies available.

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consRealistic Versatility: The Submission Master features arms and legs that are stiff enough to offer a realistic response in addition to being able to return to their original positions. They are also flexible enough to bend into many different submissions.

consSturdy: It is made of Denier Cordura, and it provides high resistance to tearing. It is also waterproof to resist sweat and other liquids. Its features high-quality stitching with reinforced seams.

consExceptional Touches: The Submission Master was made with much care being put into the movement and positioning of the limbs. The ability to be changed into various poses and positions offers a wider range of possible moves a fighter may practice compared to other dummies.


prosStiff Material: The Denier Cordura material can feel quite stiff when first being used. It softens quickly once being broken in.

prosLack of Size Options: The unit comes in one size that suits taller stronger fighters best.

prosFighter Fatigue: The inner material of the dummy is very dense. This can lead to strain or bruising when practicing for extended periods of time.

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The Submission Master dummy is incredibly realistic. Much of its action has to do with its simple positioning. The dummy features limbs that are stiff enough to offer resistance, but they bend easily to offer a number of practice submissions. The Submission Master can be placed in positions that many other dummies cannot.

Kneeling inside guard positions are some of the main ones fighters will train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, so this feature itself makes the Submission Master stand out from the others. In addition to being able to flex into a variety of positions, the dummy can hold its stance without collapsing.


Not only is the Submission Master versatile, but it is also sturdy enough to endure nearly any kind of practice. It’s filled so tightly that it may be initially hard to handle for some fighters, and it takes some breaking in to make it easier to use.

To increase its durability, the Submission Master is covered in 1000 Denier Cordura material. This high-strength fabric is resistant to tearing and ripping, and it is also waterproof to avoid soaking up excess sweat or spills. In addition to its strong exterior, the unit features rows of tight stitching to last even longer.

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The Submission Master weighs 85 pounds, and it is a good size for most fighters.


The normal position for the dummy is in a kneeling stance. If outstretched, the unit is approximately six feet long. This height makes it tall enough to match that of a man around the same size.

Ability to Fit in a GiAbility to Fit in a Gi

The Submission Master is a solid and realistic size for most fighters. Its six-foot height should be considered when attempting to dress it in a gi. Its exterior is made of waterproof material, so it should have no problems resisting moisture.

It still may be best to find an appropriate gi to dress the dummy in so that it will not accumulate dust and debris. The gi also helps mimic the opponents one will face in real competition. The realistic look helps players adjust in addition to providing the same textures and obstacles brought by an opponent’s attire.


The Submission Master is a versatile dummy thanks to its durability and limb movement. Its made primarily for submission and grappling practice, but it is strong enough to endure the toughest pounding and throwing as well. Because the Submission Master can hold multiple positions with ease, fighters are given much more variety in their training.

This facilitates skill development much better than grappling dummies that can execute a position but fall shortly after. Its legs stay bent at the waist for passing the guard moves and overcoming opponent blocks, and its arm stay out in front of its body.


The Submission Master is one of the most innovative grappling dummies available today. Its realistic presence, sturdy built and versatile movement place it far above most other training dummies. For fighters looking to practice submissions and grappling technique, a better dummy could not be bought. This top-of-the-line tool can provide years of versatile and efficient training for students at various skill levels. Those looking to take their skill to the next level should look no further for the best practice dummy for improved coordination and muscle memory.

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The Submission Master serves as the best substitute for versatile and realistic training when a partner is not available. Potential moves with this dummy include omoplatas, triangle chokes, arm bars, stacking, leglocks and more. It replicates a number of moves that its competitors simply cannot. Its main drawbacks are its initial density and higher price. Its tough feel can be softened, and the cost of a tool this realistic is worth the investment.

The Submission Master is viewed as the number one grappling dummy without argument.

Hopefully the details in this Submission Master review help fighters in search of the most effective grappling dummy for their training.

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